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Posted on: June 20, 2022

You may be in happiness or in sorrow right now. The human mind moves around emotions for various reasons. We should train our minds to move ahead with greater dreams and purposes in life. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a method and practice that can help you to guide your mind towards the desired future.

The mind is like a vehicle. Performance of the vehicle improves with an experienced driver governing it. AHA experience is a method developed by clubbing three PRINCIPLES of NLP. This is sufficient enough to take your mind from any level to greater heights of performance.

AHA experience should be practiced in the presence of a Trained NLP Professional or else it will go like Abhimanyu in Chakravyuha. The story of Abhimanyu gives an important moral about how partial knowledge can divert us from achieving desired goals in life.

The AHA experience:

Great people who had undergone AHA experience appreciated the precision and perfection in developing this combination method from NLP. AHA experience starts with an NLP method called ‘Association’. It says we can associate our minds with positive memories and we should disassociate our minds from unpleasant memories.

1. Association:

The Association of positive memories can be converted into a road map toward the future as well. Application of the Association method varies from person to person. It can be done in a group exercise for general purposes. You should keep in mind the fact that each person is unique and everyone has different tracks to travel towards their future.

2. Hypnosis:

Concentration is developed when you associate your mind with positive memories. Concentration is a combination of awareness, alertness, attention, and focus. This is called hypnosis in NLP. In hypnosis, our conscious mind gets connected with our unconscious mind. The conscious mind is just here and now. It is like you write something on the blackboard. It goes away when new things are written on the blackboard. The mind has an auto wiping system. But before it happens, the information goes into the unconscious mind according to the way your mind is trained about it.

Under hypnosis (In Concentration) we can train our minds to organize the whereabouts to suit with our requirements. For the time being, let us understand it like formatting a computer or upgrading it with the latest version of applications. One needs to remove unnecessary learnings in the mind and acquire necessary learnings for a desired future. An unorganized mind is a chaos by itself. Better to get it organized.

3. Anchoring:

Anchoring is a wonderful technique in NLP. We can anchor our best state of mind into a physical experience. Anchoring is done with repetitive remembrance of our own excellence in the past. Anchoring takes us to the top of our best moments and connects them with a physical experience (action/exercise). Later, with the same physical action, we can shift our minds from low levels to the top mindsets.

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Practice AHA experience with trained NLP Professionals. Students and Teachers who are dynamic and vibrant can join Global TV and get AHA experience in FREE TRACK. All that you need to do is to form a Media Forum of people with whom you would like to get connected and associated in the future. Those who are very dynamic and goal-oriented in life can form Global TV Chapters by connecting and collaborating with great people around them. Right Connections make our future very bright.

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