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Posted on: August 26, 2023

Whispers of Value | Virtues of Self Respect | Power of Collaboration

In a world not so different from ours, a unique society flourished in the heart of a vast village. The people of this village had long way practicing cashless accounting patterns. The notion of currency was redefined very long ago. Future pay systems were in practice in every walk of life. Along with that, they had developed systems of postpaid insurance in many segments of financial emergencies.

Human dignity has got highest value and respect in the village society. People who were doing well had invested major portion of their savings in the form of facilities and services to improve standard of living in the village. People in their difficult times were collectively taken care by the village social insurance. There were (free) food cafes in the village. Coupon systems were followed there. It was collectively maintained by the people in the village. Time Coupons and Time Bank concepts were introduced since long ago in the village.

There were farms and agro processing units everywhere in the village. There were guest houses attached to all the farms and processing units. Every home had a dry fruits processing units. It was popular as SHE KEEPING in the village. Solar Heat Enclosures (SHE) was available in different sizes from small boxes to a large room size. Every house became revenue homes in this way. They expanded their houses time to time interlinking SHE keeping and Guest House Concepts. 

Many People from many places around and far used to visit the village for various purposes. There were purchases made between cities and villages through visitors who were frequent to the villages for relaxation and recreation. Life moved on the basis of mutual respect, opportunity creation and creativity. This society, known as Eco valley, thrived without the constraints of loss of opportunities.

Eco valley was a place where the concept of wealth and richness had taken into a very unique meaning. Wealth was measured in the form of facilities and services, and no longer could it be measured by the currencies or banknotes. Wealth in Eco valley was also found in skills, talents, and the genuine connections people could establish with individuals, families and establishments across the world. Stories of generosity and kindness had replaced the fairy tales of financial success. The sense of community was profound, and everyone had something valuable to offer.

Every person in the village was engaged and fully involved in the make of their village. In this remarkable society, trades were formed out of genuine necessity and shared interests. Farmers exchanged their bountiful harvests for the homes and processing houses. There were packing facilities and marketing facilities centrally provided for every household. Craftsmanship was also nurtured in the village.

In Eco valley, a storyteller named Faiza arrived one day. She carried tales from distant lands and shared them with eager listeners in a conference hall at the center of the village. The villagers offered her food, accommodation, and the chance to learn their way of life. Faiza was inspired with the story of the village as much as the villagers were thrilled about the diversity of the world.

The villagers rallied together around her. She was taken to the nook and corner of the village. Their meetings and interactions continued.  Many people from other so many other places came to visit the village. They understood about their strength in unity with one another. Interactions and celebrations became a routine there and at many other places. People were made teams of experts in various segments. The artists were organized into grand festival teams.

Faiza connected all of them with places and people far and near. Micro tourism and collective farming concepts were nurtured well. People were inspired with stories of resilience. New stories of overcoming challenges spread across the world. The art of teaming up and collaboration between villages and cities helped everyone to grow well together. Everyone was reminded of the power they held when united.

As gratitude flowed through Eco valley, everyone could make micro investments to make common facilities in Healthcare, Tourism, Food Processing, and many other areas. Months passed, and the villages grew into greater heights. Living in the Eco valley became a dream for many. The village became a source of inspiration. People came from far and wide for comfortable and cost effective life in the Eco Valley. Visitors from neighboring villages marveled at the sense of purpose and fulfillment that radiated from the heart of Eco valley.

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