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Posted on: June 24, 2022

Below are wild thoughts on creative ideas that are of large impact on Corporates, Cooperatives and other establishments.

Global TV welcome creative minds to join us and discuss in these ideas. We can have casual conversation when you are ready to take up them in further action plans. People are good in giving ideas for others and claiming credit once someone else achieve them. Share ideas with us only when you are willing to work for it and share the outcome with large number of participants. Only massive development models are discussed here.

IDEA Number 1 – Resource Capital:

Time Space and People are the Resource Capital largely Unutilised in developing Countries like India.

Put them into Collective Action…

Resource capital is more stronger than borrowed capital. It is in plenty in third world countries. Large investors also can make use of the resource capital without capturing and owning them. Today’s global methodology is all based on Mass destruction. Either in the form of direct war or in the form of economic traps.

These things are not required today to capture the world. Winning someone is possible with non threatening methods.

Resource Capital is a large method for massive development models. It is a method of identifying massive growth potential within and around you.

Those who go for this method should have something unique to offer. It can be Finance Capital Or even an idea that has a potential to flourish.


Make a micro economic model that is workable and profitable. Make sure your idea is human intensive so that the human resources that are available in plenty are put into rewarding engagements. Everything is worth at an optimum level of performance. Monopoly and bargaining are self destructive in the long run.

Make ideas for others and implement them with their participation. Take your genuine share. Make the sharing ratio transparent and mutually agreed up on.

Guests are invited to have conversation on the topic in general and on specific ideas under the umbrella of the concept of Resource Capital.

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Idea Number 2 – Foundations plus Fountains

Infrastructure is a Foundation on which ideas can perform like a fountain. Both of these are complementary to each other. Both foundation and Fountain does well when connected and collaborated. Global TV is a Fountain that can work wonders in any Foundations that are open for expansion. Open systems governance and Closed Governance are very easy to understand and differentiate. It is just like the welcomimg and unwelcoming; people or establishments.

Outcome based action plan on Large Scale development possibilities.

Focus more on human intense Initiatives.

In other words, it can be called about creation of additional structures on existing infrastructure.

Possibilities are plenty when we are able to understand the ducks laying golden eggs. There are plenty of people around you who can do wonders for the larger cause of developing social development models.

Connect people with great ideas with Global TV and we shall make your ideas flourish globally by adding a Micro Economic model to that.

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Idea Number 3 – Valuation and Value Creation. Collectively we can do great things for the younger world.

Idea Number 4 – Micro Economics is more important than Macro Economics

Idea number 5 – Scale Up Or Nationalisation Vs. Personalisation

What happens when an idea emerge? Two thoughts come up. What will i get out of it? Waht can i do for others with this? When you think about others nationally and globally, you are on the positive side of the paradigm. You can also think about your little share in the bigger scheme. Do great and take your share is a wonderful idea.

But most the political minds think about self and their circle alone. What will i get and who are the people who are benefitted out of it? There is no party lenience for those people. They show otherwise but they collaborate with those who silently partner with them. Visionary politicians should work on Micro Economic Models at Macro level and should build their foundation in genuine manner. It is possible for every genuine politician by creating a core group of Think Tank around you. Nothing can stand long without integrity. You have to achieve it at some point of time in life.

Or else it turn to become an emotional virtigo that will take more time and convictions to set right and build again!

Idea number 6 – Total Corruption Vs. Partial Corruption

Mistakes are mistakes; But how much can we be perfect?

Introspection in Perspective

Serious mistakes and Silly mistakes are different. While we look forward for perfection in every streams, we should also look into our mistakes and shortcomings little more compassionately.

Who is perfect amongst ourselves?

Idea Number 7 – Gandhian Intelligence in Salt Satyagrah:

We are discussing only two elements of Salt Satyagraha here. One is to utilize Salt Satyagrah model for making large development models involving large number of Mentors and Youngsters. Second one is to tell the largest war is happening inside each one of us.

Every person who understand these two principles are actually a Global Citizen (Dr. Kalam told I am a Global Citizen. Hindhu philosophy and for that matter the philosophy of every religion is based on the principle of the entire world is one family). A person who starts to encounter the war within is in the procecess of enlightenement. This is a journey towards light.

People keep travelling towards the other side always. Those who are in darkness always long to move towards light. Many enlightened had lost their wisdom and had fallen into the depth of darkness. The idea here is to tell the general possibilities in the process of enlightenment.

Global TV consider Gandhian Model of Salt Satyagraha to be the best strategy to build a nation or an institution. Global TV being a National Institution further upgraded to be a Global Institution is a Family of Visionary Mentors and Dreamer Youngsters.

Those who have mentored more than ten youngsters to become successful in life can practice Global TV being an Editor. This is a self certified crieteria. Think by yourself and self certify before you proceed further. Make a resolution that I will mentor a minimum of ten youngsters to become highly successful in their career and life.

Those who are aware that the war is within and the world is all about connections and collaborations may kindly contact +91 98441 82044 for further steps in formulating a working model on any of your ideas.

The next moment we shall start working together.

Idea Number 8 – Global TV Family Partnerships

This is an informal collaboration with Families of Mentors who are associated with Global TV. The basic idea is to develop collective development models. Ideas like City Collaborations (CC), City Village Collaborations (CVC), Multi-City Collaborations (MCC) are connected with Family Partnerships. Having someone to receive you in an unknown or unfamiliar city is a value addition by itself.

The locational advantage is a huge wealth. Connecting possibilities and potential are very important. Utilizing large human resources is the way to convert developing nations to become developed nations. People to People relation is more powerful than nation to nation collaborations.

Idea Number 9 – Global TV Hospitality Partnerships

Everything works well when the hospitality industry flourishes by ethical means in a nation. Hygienic Hospitality is not just material; it is also spiritual and emotional. There is serenity in a hygienic growth. Promote your hospitality establishments with complimentary ideas so that the industry can become a foundation for the development process of the nation. Let great ideas emerge and great things happen when people meet and interact at hospitality centres.

Hotels and Resorts can visualise about serene growth when they are dealing with the cream of the society. What are the people who visit your facilities and what are they doing there decide the future of your nation. Make sure that your are inspirational towards positive prosperity of the nation. Positive prosperity come from divinity and sincerity.

Hospitality partners are equal partners with Global TV. Means, we spent half of the revenue for the implementation process that are all around the hospitality segments. Help Global TV to help yourselves!

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