Budget or Our Youth? Where is our heart?

Posted on: March 28, 2023

Transformation of Politicians is the need of the hour: Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman

By Uttam Vishwas 


Transformation of politicians is an important requirement today. It is the only option left in front of the nation says Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman, Champion of Unity and Chairman of Unity group of Institutions.  A transformed political leadership is the key for opening the treasure of India. Corrupted eyes are blind it cannot see treasures. No one remain corrupt once he or she is spotted with the real treasures in front of them.

Transformation process can happen from any moment since every politician is aware about the whereabouts of corruption and the dangers associated with moral degeneration. Everyone is looking for an alternative solution for political existence. All are willing to change once an alternative option is identified. Alternative options open up only when they are out of the emotional and moral destabilization.  They have to become normal and out of the effects of corruption.

There is a need of interventions for this transformation process to happen. Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman strongly suggest Landmark Education for Political Leaders. It is strongly believe to transform individuals,  organisations and establishments. Many have benefited. Landmark Education is globally spread and highly recommended for high profile leaders in every segment. A letter in this regard is addressed to HD Kumaraswami the present Chief Minister of Karnataka. Dr. Habeeb sees an open minded leader in Kumaraswami and was happy about an interaction that they had recently.


600 Million Youth or our Peanut Budgets? Where is our heart there is our focus!!

Politicians are eating peanuts just because the cashew nuts in front of them are invisible. Cashew nuts are not visible because the politicians are vision blind. They are blind not only on vision about the nation but also about themselves. They do not realise their real potential to make much more wealth than what the money that they are swindling today by corrupt means.

With a transformation program the political leadership can become self aware of their strengths and eventually they will become aware and inspired about the real strength of India. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is quoted below in highlights of the real strength of India. Strength of India is the youth of our nation. Weakness of India is in having no vision for the nation. Kindly here the three minutes video clip below and let us further ponder on the ways and means to transform politicians.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had tremendous faith in our youth. Every sincere elders has faith in our youth. Only the political segment of people who are always looking at the budgets since that is something very huge when few of them share it and swallow it.

Corrupt money is cancerous growth and that take them far away from all sorts of human values and make them blind and greedy. Transformation to this political and their associates circle is the need of the Hour.



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