Commemorating the 120th Birth Anniversary of Sri Sorake Chandrashekar, Founder Chairman of SCS Group of Institutions | legendary artist-Vidushi Padma Shri A Kanyakumari and her team to Perform a memorable event | Saturday, 22nd October, 2022 at 5:30 PM | Town Hall Mangalore | Karnataka

Posted on: October 19, 2022

Sri Sorake Chandra Shekar whose name S.C.S bears was an epitome of generosity and selfless love;
Dr.JeevarajSorake, M.S, Chairman & Managing Director-S.C.S Hospital.

Celebrating his 120thBirth anniversary we are reminded of his magnanimous nature and how he reformed and transformed the lives of many orphans, children & youngsters and returned them back to society as ‘beautiful flowers. Many such children went on to become great doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, and so on. He wished good health for all and SCS Hospital came into being 35 years back on 23/10/1987 to fulfill his vision of providing good healthcare to all strata of society.

He truly appreciated the talent and encouraged people to flourish in their chosen fields of action; he appreciated good music and encouraged good artists and performers.

Dr.JeevarajSorake,M.S, Chairman & Managing Director-S.C.S Hospital has been providing scholarships to deserving students every year on 22 October, in fond remembrance of his father Sri S Chandrashekarand this year too we continue the tradition of annual scholarships to the deserving students. Sri S Chandrashekar firmly believed that education leads to empowerment and upliftment as he was himself a self-made man who educated himself not just through schools, colleges, and books; but culturally, spiritually, and in every other dimension that comprises a wholesome and true education for a man.

We have a confluence of hearts and minds set out to bring home to our beautiful city of Mangaluru-a very talented, versatile, and legendary artist-Vidushi Padma Shri A Kanyakumari and her team of highly accomplished accompanying artists for the benefit of the people in this part of the country. Padma Shri A Kanyakumari is a dedicated musician and her violin joyously expresses the eternal message of love, purity, devotion and oneness; the harmony of hearts that can only be achieved by Music. Good music lives on forever, beyond time, space and all hurdles. Through this musical extravaganza we hope to take you on a musical journey to remember; just as S.C.S Hospital strives for excellence in healthcare through quality care and service with a genuine intent to better people’s well being, through this event we hope to create happiness, joy and lasting smiles-by bringing to you the best once again.

The program has no entry fee and is open to all lovers of music and interested people.

An early performance of the legend is here below to cherish until the live.

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