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Posted on: March 29, 2023

Colorful and emotional honor for Dr. MB Puranik at Sarada Vidyalaya Educational Institutions. Honor at the home ground becomes another Doctoral Honor for Dr. MB Puranik.

Immense gratitude towards entire past, contentment about the achievements and total dedication towards the future. These are the immediate reflections felt at the face of Dr. MB Puranik as he was honored at the institution built by himself. Building a value based generation is a challenge. He took it so very close to his heart. Mangalore University made it very meaningful by giving him it’s highest civilian honour; Doctoral Degree based on the life and achievements of an individual.

The Evening of celebration and honor was very pleasant; looking like the nature was also participating in the event. Breeze was very soothing. Inaugural fire went extra flames as if it was bubbling with an extra energy. A man who was dedicated his life for others was feeling immensely blessed with the opportunity entrusted on to him to serve the society.

I have received much more from the life. I could give back only very little. Dr. MB Puranik went very emotional while responding to the honor at Sarada Vidyalaya. He narrated stories from childhood. Everywhere I was blessed from childhood, let me become more humble and responsible; he responded. His speech was so vast and meaningful. He was blessed with a meaningful succession plan to continue his legacy.

A life of dedication and hardworking. A life full of practice and practical exposure. A multi talented professional with multiple streams of social orientation. Many areas of focus simultaneously with his orientation in education. Moral life and social commitment.

Dr. MB Puranik is a straight forward personality. His micro management is amazing. At critical times, he acted most appropriate and had turned around adversities into favorable realities. There are times when I have seen dual behavior of many others. But Dr. MB Puranik had come on his own to protect truth and to defeat vested interests. He is truly a friend and an elder brother; said Dr. M. Mohan Alva on his Presidential address.

Value based education is given more importance. Certification should be accompanied with values, or else the rail may derail…

A person who is dedicated for the society deserves honors and accolades always; said His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vishwa Vallabha Theertha Swamiji. Dr. MB Puranik does enormous amount of works effortlessly. He enjoys and involves himself into greater accomplishments; Swamiji simplified his personality with narratives and stories.

Dr. Puranik had never worked for honors and appreciations. He would have got the doctorate much before if he would have made any attempt for that from his side. This doctoral honor is for the great works that he has done for the emotional and functional wellbeing of the society.

34 years of teaching experience. Further manifestation of majestic realisations.

His mind is filled with thoughts like a garden filled with beautiful flowers; said Dr. Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi, Chancellor of Yenepoya University. Our association is very long standing.

Crores of people get birth on earth, they live and go, very few of them live for the society and larger causes, they will remain in our mind like stars shining in the sky; said Naleen Kumar Kateel MP, State President of BJP. There are not many areas that had got not effectively touched by Dr. MP Puranik. His youthful energy is a role model for the society. Let him make much more value based nation loving citizens, he said.

Mangalore University feel proud that the search committee did a good job by opting Dr. MB Puranik for Honorary Doctorate; said Dr. P. Subramanya Yadapadithaya. Dr. Puranik is a humanitarian by virtue of his person and action. I am happy that the university did the Honors during my tenure as the Vice Chancellor.

Dr. Puranik has achieved tremendous achievements in his social work. Plenty of students got great success in his institutions; said Dr. AJ Shetty. He deserved the doctorate, he said.

Dr. MB Puranik served the society unconditionally; said Vedavyasa Kamath MLA. He deserves much more recognitions. He congratulated the organizers of the function in honor of Dr. MB Puranik.

Dr. Harikrishna Punaroor wished Dr. MB Puranik to be bestowed with Padma Honor.

Sarada Vidyalaya is a blessing for poor students alongside with all other students; Said VHP leader Keshav Hegde. Dr. MB Puranik is a social reformer who works for social harmony.

PS Prakash, RSS Leader gave a detailed narration about the unique personality of Dr MB Puranik. Dr. MB Puranik is an action hero in every aspect of his life. He search for solutions than creating conflicts on issues.

Earlier report below…

Rajyotsava Puraskar Recipient, Prof. M. B. Puranik is a visionary, a philanthropist, an educationalist, an entrepreneur, a social worker and a politician committed to the nationalist idea of India.

Prof. M. B. Puranik has a rich 34 years of experience in teaching as the Professor and Head, Dept. of Botany. He was initially associated with St. Mary’s Junior College, Shirva and later on with Canara College, Mangalore.

Education is his passion and he realised that a lot of problems in the society could be solved by empowering the youth with education and employment.

Over the past thirty years he has been successful in building 10 institutions in four different campuses. He is currently the President of Tulunad Educational Trust and Sharada Group of Institutions. He is a noted alumnus of Sri. Rama Higher Elementary School, Majur; Sri. Vishnumurthy Hayavadana Swamy High School, Innanje; Poorna Prajna College Udupi, Regional College of Education Mysore, and Sardar Patel University, Anand Gujarat.

All his alma maters have known him for his leadership skills and diligence.

He was the Union President in College, and Senior Under Officer in NCC (Army) having C-certificate with distinctions. As a Professor, he was also the Associate NCC Officer (ANO) in the Air Wing branch, Student Welfare Officer, and Fine Arts Association Convener.

Prof. M. B. Puranik has always been interested in social welfare.

He believes that one should be able to give back to the society at least a small portion of what one has taken from the society. His interests apart from education and social work are animal husbandry and agriculture. He is President of an orphanage called Mangala Seva Samiti Trust (Bala Samrakshana Kendra, Kuttarpadav) and started the Gowvanithashraya Trust in Pajeer which shelters 400 cows and a few destitute women.

He is also the president of RCPHD Trust, which runs a school for the economically deprived as well as physically handicapped children. Due to his philanthropic leadership, every year nearly 100 students receive free education, and so far 21 orphan girls have entered into wedlock.

From a Karyakartha in Udupi, he was raised to the level of the Working President of VHP (Karnataka state), a responsibility of a very grave nature, which he is very proud of, till date.

His association with the RSS starts from his early youthful days, and though he was elevated to the position of the Vibhag Sangha Chalak, Mangaluru, he had to renounce it later to take up larger roles. Prof. M.B Puranik was also appointed as State Committee Member of Rajya Dharmik Parishat and the Chairman of Gau-Seva Aayog in 2013 by the then BJP Government under Sri. B. S. Yediyurappa.

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