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Posted on: March 30, 2023

It is not that easy for someone to comprehend a complex idea. Many times people get confused with great ideas. It happens when people take things in its word to word interpretation.


In simple terms, Biriyani challenge is a team building exercise with a social cause to strengthen grassroots economy. Primary beneficiaries of a Biriyani challenge are the hungry and the sick. Biriyani challenge is done being a fundraiser for funding the sick through feeding the poor. It is an exercise to connect NRIs and to Recognize their achievements.

Economics is very important in every move and movement. Everything is possible when there is economic viability attached with it. Nothing works without integrity. At the very same time, Integrity has no stability without economic viability. No one can do charity without economic autonomy. We should strengthen the hands that can feed the poor.

How much Biriyani can help us to build a house for a poor family?

We can generate a fund of about Rupees One lakh when we are able to create a team of 100 people to do a Biriyani challenge. One person generating a surplus of ₹ 1000 is enough for generating One lakh Rupees from a Biriyani challenge. Suppose the team does 4 biriyani challenges in a Month, they can generate about 48 Lakhs rupees in an year. About 5 houses can be built with this money when done in a socio collaborative mechanism.

Biriyani challenge Literally mean as the name is suggestive at the first place. But not a test to check who can eat more biriyani. Some people misunderstood it in that way.

Form a team of Fifty people. Twenty five people to prepare Biriyani at their respective homes and another twenty five people to campaign for selling Biriyani coupons. Biriyani challenge campaign is targeted at NRI Population.

Why NRI Challenge? What is the importance Biriyani here in the first case itself?

Biriyani is not very important in Biriyani Challenge. It is just a dimension to it. The project at its primitive stage goes like this. An NRI takes a Biriyani Coupon worth ₹ 1500/- for certain quantity of Biriyani to be delivered to his house in the native or somewhere else according to the need and feasibility. Cost of the Biriyani Parcel is about 1100/- including the preparation charges. A profit of ₹ 400/- thus generated, after incidental expenses is used for the charity announced and proposed. This will become a huge fundraiser when done collectively and enthusiastically.

NRI challenge is a huge economic opportunity that are yet to be explored totally. Existing catering groups and hotels will have no issues since it is a new revenue model. Even the hotels and catering industry can participate in this project and gain immensely through this.

What is BIRIYANI actually Meant for?

Break it into three segments. BIR | IYA | NI | and expand each segment as written below.

Build India Righteously (BIR) | Inspire Youth Affectionately (IYA) | Nurture Integrity (NI) |

Biriyani challenge is a three tier grassroots economic rejuvenation process in line with Salt Satyagrah. We can take it into higher levels of positivity as we grow in the process of self rejuvenation and society building.

People always come and join a campaign when it is practical and viable. People initially came for Salt satyagrah because it was so simple for them to participate in it. Walking to a Seashore, taking few buckets of water, Creating a column in the floor to pour the water, wait for sunlight to make it into salt. All of them take a share of salt for their participation in the Satyagrah.

Going home with a pinch of salt is an emotional victory. Millions of people gathered all over India to participate in Salt satyagrah. It was because of the long coastline that was available in India. Countries like Afghanistan and Azerbaijan cannot go for salt satyagrah since there is no coastlines available in those countries. Mahatma Gandhiji was so very practical in planning and implementing powerful strategies for gaining freedom from the mighty British empire.

The east india company that had lost integrity was the cause of their failure. Integrity of the Mahatma had helped him to achieve his target so very easily with wholehearted participation of the people. Salt Satyagrah was the beginning. As time went, people became more stronger to face bigger challenges.

Today, there are no challenges. Coming together and working together is the way of progress. Even the corporates get benefited when the grassroots are strengthened. Mind the gap while boarding and de-boarding.

One thought on “Biriyani Challenge | Also named NRI Challenge | A Global Team Formation Exercise | Strengthen Grassroots Economy | Recognize Global Achievers | Global TV

  1. Excellent !!! Initiative by the team. The theme is ideal, cannot wait to see these words in action. The Revenue model is economically viable and the target group being our generous brethren around the world, who would whole heartedly welcome BIRYANI challenge. I would like to be one of the 50, hopefully. May the challenge spread its shoots and become fruitful to lead a path for good Samaritans.

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