Running for Ruining | Public Property Mismanagement Scheme | Capital Corruption in Political Administration | Global TV

Posted on: March 30, 2023

There is no fund kept for running a facility. Only capital expenditure is allotted according to the corruption game planted by the caucus of power.

Go to the nearest park in your city and check the status of the kids play area. You will see rusted things that may injure your child while playing on them. Parents may get agitated and angry and they may take some photos to spread in the social media. Nothing happens even when the photos are hit by a million viewership. There are people waiting to auction these rusted materials and take it to their closed related Scrap dealer. The same may get reinstated at the same place in the name of new installations.

Anything funded by the government are bound to be rusted since the heart and mind of the system is rusted and dirty. What is the point in making an installation when we have no plan for its maintenance in the future.

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